This event has been cancelled.
We hope to reschedule at a future date.

Date: Monday 10 September 2018

Time: 6.00-8.30pm

Venue: University of Sydney Business School
Abercrombie Building H70, Abercrombie St & Codrington St, Darlington NSW 2006

Price: $30 Full, $20 Concession

Please note there will be no interval and no refreshments available.

About the Event

Much confusion exists around medicinal cannabis. Access to this valuable herbal medicine is extremely difficult in Australia, and many people are procuring medicinal cannabis illegally. Yet the science indicates that it is beneficial for a range of medical conditions including chronic pain, cancer-related symptoms, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, anxiety and many others. The evidence also indicates it is relatively safe when prescribed correctly.

Come along to Cutting Through the Haze and hear for yourself the truth and facts about medicinal cannabis.

This public event is presented by the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM), the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) and NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University (NICM), and will feature US medicinal cannabis expert Dr Sue Sisley MD, and Amazon John Easterling, who has been involved in the medicinal cannabis industry for many years. You will meet patients and hear their stories, and you will also hear from patient advocate Carol Ireland (Epilepsy Action Australia) who has been fighting for change to access for medicinal cannabis in Australia for several years.


Dr Sue Sisley (USA) – an Arizona-based physician practicing Internal Medicine & Psychiatry. She works as Independent Medical Director for medical cannabis license holders in 17 different states from Hawaii to Florida to New Jersey. Sue serves as President of Scottsdale Research Institute & Site Principal Investigator for the only FDA-approved randomised controlled trial in the world examining safety/efficacy of whole plant marijuana in combat veterans with treatment-resistant Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.

“Amazon John” Easterling – Since 1976 John has been an explorer in the Amazon Rainforest. It was there, after a personal health crisis, he was introduced to the traditional use of medicinal plants by the Indigenous People in Peru. As a formulator and educator John has met with researchers and cultivators internationally and is convinced that medicinal cannabis can eliminate or alleviate most of the degenerative health issues people are facing.

Carol Ireland – CEO and Managing Director of Epilepsy Action Australia (EAA). Carol has been at the forefront of the medicinal cannabis movement. She has had significant contact with many people faced with managing very challenging forms of medication-resistant epilepsy, with few or no conventional treatment options left. Carol has seen the positive changes in people’s lives, including reduction in the severity and frequency of seizures, resulting from the use of medicinal cannabis.