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Althea Company Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned licensed importer and manufacturer of medicinal cannabis based in Victoria. Our mission is to improve the lives of patients suffering from debilitating conditions by facilitating access to high-quality medicinal cannabis. Althea is dedicated to supporting healthcare providers seeking information about and access to medicinal cannabis as a treatment option for eligible patients.

Our products are greenhouse-grown by Aphria, a Canadian licensed producer of medicinal cannabis. Aphria goes above and beyond industry standards with their Seed-to-Sale Certified commitment—a strict quality management program comprised of over 500 steps to assure eligible patients have access to medicinal cannabis products that have consistent composition and are safe for patients. The Althea medicinal cannabis product range allows doctors to tailor treatment to suit individual patient needs. Our cannabis oil range offers various THC:CBD ratios, and our dried cannabis product is available where administration via inhalation is needed.

Canndeo Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hydroponics Company, an ASX listed Australian company focused on developing cannabis solutions and bringing them to international markets. In Australia, The Hydroponics Company has Australian licenses for growing medicinal cannabis, has its own strains for CBD-based medicinal products and operates USDA-certified organic farm land for cannabis growing. The company is also repurposing Australia’s largest pharmaceutical botanicals extraction facility for the local manufacture of cannabis medicines, and R&D into future cannabis-based medicines. Canndeo imports Endoca medicinal cannabis products into Australia. Endoca Hemp Oil is a THC-free, CBD-rich product containing the cannabis plant’s natural terpenes, flavonoids and other molecules in natural hemp oil. Endoca Raw Hemp Oil has the same mix of natural molecules from the cannabis plant, made without decarboxylation heating. The result is a mix of CBD and unconverted CBD acid as found naturally in the cannabis plant and THC-free.

Little Green Pharma’s goal is to make safe, reliable, and effective medicinal cannabis products available to Australians through medical practitioners and pharmacists.

Little Green Pharma is leading the Australian medicinal cannabis industry with Australia’s first locally produced product for sale in August 2018. After a successful harvest, the company passed all mandatory testing required under TGO 93 (the Regulatory Standard for Medicinal Cannabis in Australia).

Our novel manufacturing technology aims for high bio-availability of the active cannabinoids, meaning that a therapeutic effect can be achieved with a very low dose. Little Green Pharma produces unique Medicinal Cannabis preparations with a range of cannabinoid profiles from different varieties of medical cannabis plants.

Medical Cannabis Limited was founded by Andrew Kavasilas, a pioneer and recognised expert in the medical Cannabis and hemp industries who has developed and bred a unique cannabis seedbank with over 25 unique varieties. MCL is involved in medical cannabis cultivation, growing, medical research, medical product development, and hemp seed nutritional products. Through our medical division we develop and distribute pharmaceutical grade medical products. MCL together with its Canadian partner Canntab, are currently producing patent pending GMP pharmaceutical grade extended release pills which the company believes has the potential to be an effective substitute to existing competing products such as opioids. We partner in medical research with the world leading cannabis researchers, including the world leading Israeli Technion in Haifa. MCL’s low THC nutritional cannabis and food products branch, Vitahemp, is an all Australian producer, with all cannabis products 100% grown and processed in Australia by MCL, from the seeds, planting, harvesting, through to our own production and manufacturing facilities producing our own range of hemp seed food and nutritional products, thereby guaranteeing the highest quality Australian standards for all our products, from the seed to the consumer.

MediGrowth Australia is a Melbourne based Medicinal Cannabis Company. Our primary focus remains true to our original mission statement of building a business that ultimately improves the lives of those who seek treatment where existing medications are failing. To offer relief to the hundreds of thousands of eligible Australians suffering symptoms of chronic disease.

We are in the process of creating a local, fully vertically integrated operation including cultivation, production and manufacture including Australia’s first commercial Aquaponic Medicinal Cannabis product, delivering a pure product grown without harmful pesticides or fertilisers.

We are committed to ongoing contribution to research, education, advocacy and industry leadership. Our team includes local and international expertise, leveraging experience in international medicinal markets and we will embrace all leading technology to produce the highest quality GMP products.

We will prioritise patient requirements, utilise international experience and ultimately build significant company growth whilst harnessing the potential of this new and exciting industry which arguably will be one of the greatest disruptors to healthcare of the 21st century.

MediGrowth Australia, proudly Australian and 100% committed to patient care.

Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals is an Australian operated healthcare company, manufacturing high quality “practitioner only” nutritional, herbal and therapeutic products. Nutrition Care aspires to develop innovative, evidenced based formulations, inspired by our motivation to help the wider community achieve better health. Established 40 years ago by Professor Ian Brighthope, Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals remains as one of Australia’s exclusive companies in its ability to both formulate and manufacture therapeutic nutraceutical medicines onsite for the ‘Practitioner Only’ market.  Nutrition Care is committed to the development of high-quality innovative therapeutics that are supported by outstanding research programs, validated with clinical evidence and disseminated via exceptional education programs. Nutrition Care has a long and successful history with probiotics and will continue to drive innovation in this healthcare specialty moving forward. Nutrition Care is a proud supporter of medicinal cannabis research, education and the manufacturing industry.

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